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City Textile Inc. has served the textile industry for two generations.

At City Textile Inc. we supply fine textiles to companies all over the world. All of our products are available for immediate delivery through our Los Angles warehouse. We are an importer of textiles from fabric mills located in China, Korea, and Taiwan.

We maintain a large inventory on knit fabrics. Our goal is to provide our customers with competitive prices and prompt deliveries without compromising the quality of our product. One benefit of doing business with City Textile is that we have a great knowledge of almost all of the aspects of the textile industry. Few companies produce the variety of fabrics we do. We are ready to share this with you. Even if we can't supply a fabric to you, we will work hard to help you find what you need knowing that this will pay off for us in the future.

City Textile Inc - Quality Textile Importer/Converter
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